Do Something

Taking Action

Groups all over the country are mobilizing in a mass resistance to oppose Trump’s destructive actions. We at Indivisible Jax Riverside are friends and family, coworkers, classmates, and neighbors here in the Riverside neighborhood and throughout Jax. We’ve banded together because we’ve seen where Trump and his allies in Congress are taking the country. They want to make it a small and angry place where the rich get richer and the rest of us fight among ourselves for the scraps. That’s not what America is about, and we’ve come together to resist and make sure the country moves forward, not backward.

Together we’re multiplying the power of our actions to remind our Members of Congress that they’re accountable to us — their constituents — and not to the big donors and ideologues defining Trump’s agenda.

How to Begin

We post actions you can take every day and we’re organizing events to mobilize and inform our community. You can begin today with a few simple steps…

  1. Join us on Facebook and Twitter, check here on our blog, and sign up for email updates to keep posted on daily actions.
  2. Read the Shy Person’s Guide to Calling Representatives (unless you’re a telephone extrovert, in which case you can jump straight to the next step!)
  3. Look at today’s action (or look on our Facebook page) — and make your first phone call or send your first message!
  4. Finally, join our Facebook private group for discussion of the issues and to track upcoming events like our monthly meetings, special rallies like the Jax Women’s March, activist training sessions, and voter registration drives.