Call Representative Rutherford before breakfast!

Tell Rutherford No!

This new bill offers $8 billion to states supposedly to cover funding for pre-existing conditions.

  • States would need $330 billion to cover all folks with pre-existing        conditions.
  •  States are not required to use this money for high risk pools.
  •  Money would be available to states that waive pre-existing conditions forcing more states to leave millions of people vulnerable.
  • Funding ends in 2026
  • 84% of people aged 50-64 have pre-existing conditions
  • Better than 50% of Americans have pre-existing conditions
  • $8 billion is less that 1% of the total cuts that this bill would make to the current ACA funding.

This bill also threatens Medicaid home and community based services for people with disabilities. It ends Medicaid expansion which now includes people with mental health disorders and drug abuse disorders.

It also allows for the return of annual and lifetime limits which affect not only people with ACA but folks with employer provided plans.