Submitted by Jean Sealey

Call Senator Rubio (202 224-3041 or 904 354-4300), Senator Nelson (202 224-5274 or 904 346-4500) and your House representatives and tell them we will not tolerate a Supreme Court that is dominated by the White House. We must restore balance to the court and maintain a separation between our three branches of government.

RESISTBOT: Text the word “resist” to 50409. You will be prompted through to your MoC. It is easy, and your representative receives a fax.

NEFL MoC numbers:
Sen. Marco Rubio
DC – 202-224-3041
JAX – 904-354-4300

Sen. Bill Nelson
DC – 202-224-5274
JAX – 904-346-4500

Rep. Ted Yoho
DC – 202-225-5744
Orange Park – 904-276-9626

Rep. John Rutherford
DC – 202-225-2501
Jacksonville – 904-831-5205

Rep. Ron DeSantis
DC – 202-225-2706
Palm Coast 386-302-0471

Rep. Al Lawson
DC – 202-225-0123
Jacksonville – 904-354-1652


On June 27, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the bench effective July 31. Though Kennedy was appointed by Republican president Ronald Reagan in 1988, his decisions have not always been ideologically conservative. Since 2005, he has been considered a “swing vote” and voted alongside liberal justices in numerous 5-4 decisions including Obergefell v. Hodges which legalized gay marriage and Fisher v University of Texas supporting affirmative action. Kennedy also voted to uphold Roe v. Wade in cases seeking to overturn the landmark case granting abortion access to women. Kennedy’s moderate position prevented the court from veering solidly to the right. Now, Trump has the power to replace him with a hardline conservative (like Gorsuch, his 2017 appointee) and remove the barrier that has kept the Supreme Court from overturning cases which granted essential rights to women, workers, minorities, and LGBT+ Americans.

It is because of the highly pivotal nature of Kennedy’s replacement that the Senate must take everything into consideration before confirming a new Supreme Court justice. This includes the president’s repeated disrespect for the constitution and the rule of law and the fact that the president is currently under federal investigation for colluding with a foreign power to swing an election. Despite this, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has already stated that the Senate will vote to confirm a replace this fall (a hypocritical move by McConnell who refused to confirm an Obama appointee because it was an election year; this year is also an election year). After the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch, it is clear Trump will again select an anti-Roe v. Wade nominee from a wish list curated by right-wing extremist organizations instead of a moderate candidate who can garner bipartisan support.

Kennedy’s replacement on the Supreme Court will have the power to reshape our nation’s laws and rights for generations to come. Senators must demand a truly fair-minded nominee to reflect Kennedy’s non-ideological tenure on the bench and prevent the Supreme Court from becoming another hyper-partisan branch of government.

YOUR SCRIPT FOR SEN. NELSON: I’m calling to tell Sen. Nelson to do everything is his power to block the confirmation of another right-wing extremist to the Supreme Court. Kennedy’s replacement will have the power to shape our rights for generations to come, and it is essential that this nominee be a truly fair-minded judge who values equality and justice for all Americans.

YOUR SCRIPT FOR SEN. RUBIO: I’m calling to demand that Sen. Rubio put aside strict party loyalty to give the American people what is best for them and oppose any ideological extremist nominated by Trump to the Supreme Court. We must have a fair-minded nominee with broad support to carry on Kennedy’s non-ideological position and prevent the Supreme Court from becoming another hyper-partisan branch of government.

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The retirement gives President Trump another chance to fundamentally reshape the top of the judiciary. Continue to