Federal Daily Action – June 16 (Unified Message Day)

Federal Daily Action – June 16 (Unified Message Day)
Please “comment” done. Let’s see how many we get.

Your Call: Please leave this exact message.

Dear Senator Rubio (or your senator),
MARCO RUBIO DC : 202 224 3041
Jacksonville: (904) 354-4300

My name is _________. I am a constituent of ______(zip).

In the name of decency and what is right for all Americans, please stop the madness of pushing this healthcare bill through the Senate. Our country simply cannot bear the weight of this partisan insanity. Take your time, create a bill that protects all of our people. You’ll get the support you need if you do this.

We are patriots. We love our country. It’s imperative that our people see our elected officials acting with honor.

Thank you for listening.

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise remained in critical condition as colleagues planned to move ahead with the traditional baseball game in a show of political unity.