FEDERAL DAILY ACTION – Wednesday, June 14 Your Call: Strongly oppose the Secret ACHA that is being pushed through the Senate

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Back in November, the word in D.C. was that the Affordable Care Act was a goner. Smart Washington politicos thought Trump might have a repeal bill ready to sign on his first day on the job. The House had voted to repeal it dozens of times. Obama had to veto it once. But Trump is still waiting. Even after the House’s vote, Affordable Care Act is still the law of the land. The legislative fight continues, and it only gets harder for Trump now. Because of you.

It’s hard to overstate how cruel this bill is. Simply put, Republicans got TrumpCare passed in the House today by making it more extreme. They had to convince the uber-conservatives in the Freedom Caucus to vote for it, so they had to make it even crueler. The original failed TrumpCare bill last month stripped healthcare from 23 million Americans. But that wasn’t enough for them. The new bill builds on that by:

Gutting protections for pre-existing conditions
Eliminating services for special needs kids in schools
Letting insurers effectively charge women more than men
In short, TrumpCare is a moral monstrosity.

The House is a majoritarian institution—the party in power sets the rules and decides what gets a vote and when the vote happens. Trump’s lackeys are pulling the puppet strings, so everybody assumed they’d jam through TrumpCare and that’d be that.

Your Script:
My name is ______________ . I am a constituent from________ (zip code).

I strongly urge you to oppose the secret ACHA. This bill would take away health care from millions of Americans, cut the Medicaid program, increase premiums and allow states to get rid of protections for people with pre-existing conditions. All that to give hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the wealthy. This is unacceptable to me.

[I/my family member] [am/is] at risk of losing [my/his/her] insurance. [I/ my family member] [have/has] a pre-existing condition that before the ACA could be used by insurance companies to discriminate against [me/them]. [My/their] health depends on Senator Rubio voting against the American Health Care Act.

Republicans are secretly pushing a bill that no one has read.