Urgent Federal Daily Action – Tuesday, July 25 Your All Day Action: Call, Tweet, Resistbot, email. visit your Senate office. Tell your senators to vote NO on a Motion to Proceed with TrumpCare. Vote NO to a tax cut for the rich disguised as healthcare. Vote NO to cuts in Medicaid.


CALL: Senator Marco Rubio (202) 224-3041 or (904) 398-8586; Senator Bill Nelson (202) 224-5274 or (904) 346-4500.


McConnell says Senate will vote tomorrow on the health care bill that passed in the House. A refresher on that bill:
– This is the bill that Donald Trump said was “mean”
– This is the bill that does not pass the “Jimmy Kimmel” test
-23 million people lose health insurance including 14 million in the first year after passage
– Allows insurance companies to stop covering essential benefits (like maternity care, mental health, etc) that are currently required by law
– Allows insurance companies to charge higher premiums to people with pre-existing conditions (which is currently illegal under the Affordable Care Act)
– Gives $230 billion tax cut to high-income earners
– Rolls back expansion of Medicaid in 32 states
– Gives very small tax credits to make up for premiums that go up by almost 10x. Example: gives a $4,000 tax credit to a 64 year old whose premium goes up from $1,700 a year to $16,000 a year
The message on this one is clear. Our Senators must vote against the “motion to proceed” to a debate on this bill. Voting for the motion is voting for the bill.
Update: As of now, there is still no “Senate bill” to swap in for the House bill by amendment and no commitment from McConnell as to whether there is a “Senate bill” that addresses the comments from the Senate Parliamentarian. The only thing we know for sure is that they will have the vote tomorrow and begin with the House bill.
Update: Sen. Cornyn says they are working on rewriting parts of a Senate version of the bill that the Senate Parliamentarian has ruled as being out of order (including anti-abortion & anti-Planned Parenthood provisions and some smaller unrelated funding provisions). Those funding provisions are part of the as-yet-unsuccessful pitch to moderates. Also, various activists on the right are urging conservative Senators to vote against the “Senate bill” unless both the abortion and PP restrictions are included in the text. Impact: for different reasons this hurts rather than helps a “Senate bill” get passed.

Your Script:

Caller: Hello! My name is [name] and I’m calling from [part of state].

I strongly urge Senator ________ to vote no to the Motion to Proceed with TrumpCare. This is a tax cut for the rich disguised as healthcare. This bill is barbaric. The CBO estimates 23 million people will lose their healthcare. Senator _______will pay a high political price for not voting in line with what 88 percent of his constituency wants. People will die as a result of a loss of benefits.

Please ask Senator _______to place country before party.

Caller: Thank you for your time.

It’s unclear if Senate Republicans will even green-light starting debate.